Saturday, 1 October 2011

Compose Colour Schemes

So many of my students complain that they do not know what colours would go with one another and often are stuck with ideas.

The typical common colour harmonies are:
  • mono
  • complement
  • triad
  • tretrad
  • analogic
  • accented analogic

Now you can see those options with a click of a button with the amazing colour schemer designer.

What a great tool for art students and artists, in cases you are stuck with ideas.

Find this brilliant tool at

Resale Royalty

Australia has finally introduced Resale Royalties.

So what does that mean to Australian artists?

On all commercially sold artworks or authorized limited edition prints being commercially resold, the artist will be paid a %5 royalty as long as the work resales value was over $1000.

Yet it is important to understand the scheme does not apply to artworks sold from one individual to another.

Only commercial art market professionals need adhere to this scheme such as:

  1. auctioneers
  2. art gallery operators and owners
  3. museums;
  4. art dealer or agents
  5. a person otherwise involved in the business of dealing in artworks

The Federal government has appointed Copyright Agency Limited (CAL) to be the collecting agency responsible for collecting the resale royalty and distributing it to artists.

For information or contact  visual arts manager Tristan Chant, or the Indigenous Communications Coordinator, Trish Adjei  at  1800 066 844 or 02 9394 7600  

or contact:

Copyright Agency Limited
Level 15, 233 Castlereagh Street,
Sydney NSW 2000
Tel: 1800 066 844
Fax: +612 9394 7601